Published : Apr 13, 2023

Why To Book Directly With A Hotel

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Best price – guaranteed

One question often pops up when planning and booking your getaway: should you book online with a third-party site or should you book directly with the hotel? We recommend booking directly – it comes with many benefits!

You’ll get the best price

If you are looking for the best price when booking your holiday or work stay, booking directly will save you money. No commissions, no handling fees and no admin charges. Often hotels will offer discounts for those booking directly. There are also discounts available for specific groups, like pensioners, students and local travelers.


Booking directly gets you the best service. If there are changes in your plans, you have questions about your booking or you simply want recommendations on great eateries in the area, you can make direct contact with the hotel and have access to a team of hotel ambassadors who have knowledge of and understand the hotel and the area – no third-party members who have never even visited South Africa! These staff members are also usually willing to go the extra step and make your stay as comfortable and personalised as possible. If you or fellow guests are celebrating a special occasion, like a birthday, honeymoon, or anniversary, sharing this information during a direct booking will often result in the hotel celebrating along with you and making your stay extra memorable.

Become a VIP

Booking directly is a fantastic way to build loyalty with the hotel and become a VIP. When booking directly, a guest can earn loyalty points or discounts to use for their next stay. Beyond rewards, building a relationship benefits you hugely, as the team gets to know you and your tastes. So, next time you visit, everything will be prepared exactly the way you like it.

Benefitting the local economy

By booking directly at hotel level instead of with a third party provider, your well-earned money stays in the South African economy. Your spend sustains employment and feeds the circular economy. By booking directly, you’re cutting out the middleman and the various channels costs that come along with it. Plus, your booking may just afford our porter the opportunity to send his daughter to music lessons.

Accountability and ownership

If you are looking for accountability from your hotel, booking directly is the best choice! When you book directly with the hotel, the contractual obligation is between you and the hotel. When you book via an agent, your contract lies with the agent, who in turn contracts with the hotel. By booking directly, there is no middleman. If there is a problem or a change, dealing directly with the hotel will resolve the situation in the most convenient and timely manner.

More flexibility

Hotels have far more flexibility to change booking dates, room types and review cancellation policies when they’re in charge. when they do not have a third-party’s rules to stick to. We understand that unexpected situations can arise, resulting in a change of plans or a cancellation. This extends to cancellation policies as well.

Multiple ways to book directly

Whether you are booking online via the hotel website, via email, phone, or SMS, or contacting properties through their social media, you always have loads of options. This results in better and easier communication between yourself and the hotel, as there are no other players involved.

If you are looking for the cheapest, smoothest, most rewarding, and best serviced break away, booking directly is definitely your best option!

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